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    R90X Designs is a small innovative project using modern technology to upgrade and improve the iconic BMW flat twins and make them perform and stop like modern motorcycles.

   Precision CNC cut from high strength billet 6061 aluminum, my caliper adapters are engineered to be strong but light. They bridge the gap between a pitted, 50 year old, 1 piston braking dinosaur to a modern, light weight, 4 piston marvel of design. Modern calipers are not only better, but simple to rebuild, less likely to corrode and pit, and easy to find parts for.

   My hub adapters allow commonly available modern floating rotors to be used with spoke, Snowflake, Lester, Morris and other mag wheels designed for these classic bikes.  They will dramatically improve braking by increasing leverage, friction area, and cooling.  They will also make the next brake pad change or rotor replacement less expensive and a snap to perform.

...They look pretty great too. 


Do you love your old Airhead, but hate the brakes? 

New designs are always in the works.
Stay tuned, I have something for you.

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