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 Is this too much braking power for an Airhead?

No... Motorcycle braking systems are designed to stop or slow your bike. The limitation to all braking systems is traction between the tires and the road.  Simply put, the bigger modern brakes allow you to react much more quickly, because less input from the rider is required. A panic stop no longer requires a desperation grip with all five fingers, it just takes a calm squeeze with two.  Bigger diameter rotors and four piston calipers provide more leverage. You will stop much faster because the desired amount of braking can be achieved in an instant with little effort.

What torque setting should I use on the adapters?

  Most of my brake adapter sets can be bolted on without modifying the original components.  Use the OEM torque specs where adapters bolt to OEM components. The adapters are very strong alloy, but they are aluminum, so don't over torque them. Always use blue thread-locker on the 8mm or 6mm rotor bolts. Use thread-locker on the 10mm caliper adapter bolts or anti-seize on dual calipers where one may need to be removed during a tire change.

Use these torque setting on my adapters.

6MM X 1.00.......5 to 7 ft-lbs

8MM x 1.25.....9 to 12 ft-lbs

10MM x 1.50....14 to 18 ft-lbs

Do any of your adapter sets require modification to the motorcycle?


Most of my designs will bolt on without permanent modifications. 

70's BMW motorcycles that used the ATE swinging brake calipers will require some permanent modifications.  Open this PDF file for more information.

 What do I need to get for brake hose?

New brake hoses will usually need to be fabricated, because modern calipers often use 10mm banjo connectors.  This can be done in a couple of ways: a short hose can be fabricated which replaces the original pipe section at the caliper end.  The other method is to replace the entire hose with a new hose that has been measured and custom made to size.


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