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ATE Upgrade Caliper Adapter Only

ATE Upgrade Caliper Adapter Only


  This adapter allows you to replace the original ATE swinging single piston caliper with a modern radial 4 piston caliper. This Part needs to be used with the R90X hub adapter, sold on this site, and a 320mm disc, but I'm offering it individualy for convenience.

Mounting bolts are included.

Compatable with 1974-84 airheads equiped with swinging ATE calipers

/6,/7, AND 90S R80 and early R100's









    Fits these Bikes

    R90S 9/1/1973 6/1/1976
    /6,/7 7/1/1973 4/1/1980
    R100S 5/1/1976 7/1/1980
    r80TIC 9/1/1978 11/1/1982
    R100/7T,T 4/1/1977 10/1/1984
    R100RT 6/1/1978 10/1/1984
    r80 4/1/1977 11/1/1984


    31 42 1 233 509 OR 31 42 1 233 511


    Note:  Some modification of the fork leg is required with this design.  Sold as a Hub adapter and caliper adapter for one side only.

     Brake calipers, rotors and brake hoses are not included with this set. Brake hoses will require a 10mm banjo fitting at the caliper end, so the metal pipe can nolonger be used.

    As a single brake this system works well with the original 13-15mm master cylinder. With a dual set up a 17mm OEM mastercylinder (34 31 1 234 379) should be used or an upgrade to an 18 or 19 mm bar mounted system from a newer motorcycle. Brembo radial piston calipers provide the best clearance for spoke wheels. But will require an 18 to 19mm Master Cylinder for dual use. This design is for use with European 4 piston calipers with 100mm bolt spacing. 


    Calipers Tested:

    BMW S1000RR 2009 -18 perhaps other years.  These have 34/34 pistons and a slim design that provide lots of clearance for spoked wheels

    34 11 7 714 783 Left  and 34 11 7 714 784 right.

    BMW R1200 1250 S1000XR 2001-2020

     34 11 8 556 205 Left and 34 11 8 556 206 right

    Dual Ducati 1098,696,796,and 848 2010-13 (perhaps other years) Brembo radial 32mm 4 piston calipers will work with a 16mm Master Cylinder but will feel soft. 17mm (34 31 1 234 379) to 18 would be better for dual use. 13 to 14mm OEM Master Cylinders ar perfect for a single brake.

    Several other European calipers will probably work, the above are what I have been able to test. 

    Rotors used, note: do not use ABS rotors, the raised tops on the buttons will not clear your fork lowers

    2002-2007 Ducati 749, 848, 999 rotors are 320mm.

    Brembo/ Ducati part# 49240751A, 49240551A 

    EBC part# MD622X

    NG part #1051

    Also  vailable used (usually low miles) on eBay 

    2007-2010 Ducati 1098, 1198, 1199 rotors are 330mm.

    Brembo/ Ducati part #'s 49240901A, 49240891A,

    EBC part # MD694X


    Return within 30 days of receiving your order for full refund.
    Items must be properly packaged and in the same condition as received. Please contact before returning merchandise.
    The customer is responsible for return shipping charges.


    Disclaimer: With purchase, buyer is agreeing to the following: Buyer or buyer’s mechanic will inspect the part purchased before installation of the item. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure parts are fully functional and within specifications before installation. Buyer takes full responsibility for parts, modifications, and installation. We are not responsible for any damage or accident that may occur while using purchased item. Any liability for consequential and/or incidental damages is assumed by buyer.
    That said, these improvements, correctly installed, will improve the safety of the motorcycle.
    Please contact with any questions.

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